Paying Your Kids to Do Chores

By: Lauren

In my house, everyone has to pitch in. I have a six-year-old that likes to do certain chores around the house. I’m soaking this in while I can, because I know these days are numbered. I usually try to pick up a little bit right when I get home because I know if I sit down to relax, there’s no way I’m getting back up and cleaning. It’s kind of become a routine, so my son knows he will be asked to do some sort of chore when he is home.

As of late, I have seen a lot of really creative chore charts on Pinterest; and I notice the idea of paying your children to participate in chores is a growing trend.

Here is a list of Pros and Cons of paying your children to do chores.



Think about it, as adults, wouldn’t that be awesome to get paid to clean the house? If that was the case, my house would be spotless! Kids may be inclined to clean more knowing there is a reward to be claimed. This leaves your house cleaner and leaves you with a little less of a burden. If everyone is working to clean the house, that will leave more time to eat together or watch a movie together.

You can start to teach the fundamental principles of money to your children.They will learn things like the value of a dollar, saving, spending, spending more than you have, budgeting, and picking up extra work for extra cash, which are all things that they will need to understand when they are older.


Rewarding your child for helping out around the house may potentially make them expect a reward for every good deed. If there is no reward will your child still participate in helping out?


Responsibility, Accountability & Ownership are some characteristics that kids may develop if they are expected to help out at home everyday. Seeing every one working together to take care of their home can instill a feeling of teamwork. The habit of taking care of your home because you are responsible for it can have positive long term effects on your children into their adult years.

What are some chores you assign your children? What system works for your family dynamic? Let us know in the comments below!

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