Benefits of Fifteen Minutes

By: Janice Johnson-Plumer

It seems the health craze is not dying down anytime soon.  It seems all the magazines I see have some sort of buffed or muscled man or woman on the cover.  You may be thinking, “I would love to look like that,” or, “That seems impossible.”


According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) 71.6% of adults 20 and over are overweight (2015-2016).  Between social media, television, and eating on the run, many of us do not have the time to prioritize exercise in our lives.  We will take care of everyone else but when it comes to taking care of our bodies, we make excuses.

I ask the question: Do you have 15 minutes? 

If you do, how are you using those 15 minutes? We will watch television and we look at every post on our cell phone for hours but will not take 15 minutes to better our health.  But how?  I would like to break down a few exercises you can do for 15 minutes or, even in some cases, less with minimal equipment and without a gym membership.

Let’s not waste time! Time to get going, as I want to get this done in 15 minutes!



This is the most cost-effective exercise you can do. If you have a pair of sneakers you are ready to walk.  Going out to grab a coffee why not walk? You stop at the store on the way home from work park your car far away from the entrance and walk!  Walking is not only good for your body it is good for your overall mind as you are able to declutter and step away from your work environment  and come back refreshed and ready to dive back into your tasks.  Want to catch up with a coworker or a colleague and getting together during the week is not doable why not walk and catch up at the same time.

Total Cost: $0

7-Minute App

This app is great! It’s especially convenient if you are traveling and the hotel gym has minimal equipment. The app runs you through a series of exercises that can be heard through the phone.  You will work up a sweat in 7 minutes!  I have used this app when I am short on time and I want to get in a full body workout.

Total Cost: $0

Commercial Breaks

When you are waiting for the microwave to heat up your meal or while you are brushing your teeth why not do some squats or calf raises while waiting? Watching television and a commercial comes on why not do push ups? If you can’t do a full push up you can start on your knees. You know there’s a commercial every five minutes so why not use it to get a few exercises versus surfing your cell phone or mindless eating.

Total Cost: $0

Fitness bands



Bands provide an all over body workout and they come in various lengths and widths. Watching television? Put a band around your thighs and do a series of squats. There are some bands that you can wrap around a pole or a door in your home and you can do a variety of upper body exercises.  Bands are portable and they don’t take up a lot of space and they can be done anywhere.

Total Cost: $10-$15


Your Own Body Weight

This is also the best form of exercise as you are using your own body weight as a resistance. You can do a plank where you are on your elbows and you lift your body up and engage your core and hold it for a certain amount of time. Planks are a great exercise as they can be done anywhere and again while you are watching television!

Total Cost: $0

Jump Rope

This was a favorite past time back in my childhood days. It gets your heart rate up and it is also portable. You can go at your own pace or you can jump fast. It’s up to you!

Total Cost: $10-$15


These are just a few cost effective exercises that you can do to benefit your overall health.  Please let me know which ones you have done or are looking to do.  I wish you a great start on your journey to using your 15 minutes to the max!


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