By: Tanvi Maharaja


As Forrest Gump accurately surmised, “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.”
That statement strikes a chord with me: life is indeed full of surprises: some pleasant, some not so much. The resultant stress underlines modern lives more than we acknowledge… I wrote a poem a while ago to remind myself to stay in the here and now; to be me, no matter what.


Let me in my now-ness revel

Spoil not my pleasure with meaningless questions

“Why, wherefore, when, and how”
You may fear as existential equations
To me, they are mysteries sublime,

Tender to touch and resplendent to behold

Future they question, past they recall

In my palms, my present I hold
Embracing every question to my bosom

And laughing at their mischievous tinkling

Flowing like a river…dancing, jumping,
Of my destination, not an inkling
I fear not the streams that rush

Or the darkening thunder above

Over rocks and hills, valleys and plains
Forever on the go, forever on the move.
I think not of the meadows that I leave

Or the salty waters that I rush to meet

I think of friend nor foe
Nor my existence do I debate.
I ponder not in painful silence

Upon the nuances of the heart

I flow in the moment, I beat in the present
I smile at the sunshine and wink at the crescent
Let me splash at the shores

Or dreams serene weave

Let me in my me-ness revel
In Him I believe.

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