Giving is Receiving

By: Deirdre Littlefield

Picture2.pngSince adopting our last child, collecting donations for children living in foster care has become a passion of mine. There are so many children of all ages in need and I have found even more people who want to give to them. Together, we have found a way to connect the two.

As the holiday season approaches, those needs come along with numerous wants that we all love to fulfill. Admittedly, I do start to feel anxious and wonder how I will manage to coordinate all that comes with this charity and enjoy my own family.


Like clockwork though, by early December,  I am quickly reminded that this actually enhances our holiday. We get to see long lost friends give freely, my kids teachers and coaches show up at my door and remind me how lucky my kids are to have their influence while even complete strangers jump in. I pull up daily to see an overflow of gifts and backpacks filled with essentials adorn my driveway more beautiful than the best green holiday garland. My close girlfriends show up with coffee to help me sort and pack all while recruiting their schools, friends and Girl Scout troops to contribute. My boys get to help me label, lug and deliver these gifts to see the impact of generosity first hand.

People like to give me credit for this but it has truly taken on a life of its own and is self driven at this point. I have the privilege of receiving all the love and kindness that is dropped to my door each day of the holiday season. The gratitude I feel daily is endless.

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