Life Isn’t Always Balanced

By: Martianne Stanger

Wow! It occurred to me the other day that I have been a Signature Moms blogger now for about a decade now.

A full decade!

That’s a long time – and it must mean there is a huge treasure trove of sharing and mind meandering here from my consistent offerings, right?

Um, no.

Not so much.

Of course, there was the odd runaway favorite about how I unclogged a toilet, early poetry I shared about special needs, plenty to encourage outdoor fun, and lots more.

But, consistency, there is not.


Three words: Seasons of life!

Okay, and one more: shortcomings.

Seasons come when there’s too much on life’s plate and something has to be pushed aside for a bit, when a commitment has to be dropped so things of greater priority can be attended to.

And you know what?

That’s okay.

Because other seasons of life follow which allow you to cycle back.

Sickness. Special needs. Job loss. Financial crisis. Family deaths. Necessary home repairs and improvements. Family emergencies. All sorts of crises can crop up and throw life’s balance off.

But, you know what else? So can important – even if not emergent – things, such as a child who begs more attention. A body that requires more exercise. A soul that needs more quiet time and prayer. A family that could use more, well, family time…

Indeed during different seasons of life, different needs beg more of your time.

Relationships take time.

Wellness takes time.

Everything takes time.

And, sometimes, commitments have to be prioritized and one or two must fall by the wayside for a while as happened to my commitment to write for Signature Moms on a consistent basis.

And, that’s where the word “shortcomings” comes in.

For, while, sometimes, a commitment needs to be set aside, none should ever simply be ignored without acknowledgement.

Sadly, I admit, I have done that here more than once.

I have pushed my commitment to share aside for a day, then a week, then a month, then – swallowed by whatever priorities have consumed me – for even longer at times with nary a word of explanation.

I am sorry.

That’s not right.

Forgive me for my shortcomings.

I will try to be better.

I will try to be more consistent with my sharing here – or at least not to disappear with nary a word the next time that a season brings something that sweeps me into a need for fuller focus elsewhere. For, surely, that will happen.

Life has a way of bringing such seasons.

And that’s okay.

Life happens and we roll with it, aiming to be a little better with each turn we take.

Thank you for forgiving me for rolling right along with such inconsistency as I have shared here over the past decade.

Despite the long breaks now and again, I hope some of my sharings have blessed you, and, I hope that this public admission of my shortcoming encourages you to look at what season of life you are in, accept what you can and cannot do, excuse what you cannot, and carry on with what you can.

Life takes time.

Use your time as well as you can.

Let’s get rolling with the next thing.

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