Making Prescription Medications More Affordable

This post is authored by Dennis P. Carman, MSW, President & CEO of the United Way of Greater Plymouth County.

Did you ever have someone share some piece of information with you that really surprised you, so that you said, “Wow, if I only knew!”

Well, a number of years ago, our organization was asked if we would be interested in distributing a “prescription medication discount card” that would be free and that would allow the user to save what at the time would have been 18% off the costs of their prescription medications. *  Over the years the discount on the medications has increased to an average savings of over 40%!  Since 2007 we have tracked that over $4 million dollars have been saved by residents of greater Plymouth County!

Please note: United Way of Greater Plymouth County receives no payment of any kind for distributing SingleCare cards! Our only interest in this program is to make it easier for area residents access to lower-cost prescriptions.

Please take a moment to watch this brief video by following this link ( to find out how you can get a SingleCare Prescription Discount Card.

Get a card and spread the word so that you will not have to have anyone say, “If I only knew!” because now you know and now you let them know.

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