Mommy Sick Day

By: Jessica Aldred  Every parent giggles when they see that commercial with the parent popping their head into their child’s room aiming to call in sick for the day. The irony of that situation is not lost on me. I recently found myself defeated by the infamous stomach flu and praying to the depths of … More Mommy Sick Day

Summer Bucket List

By: Jessica Aldred  While the rest of New England is still staring at melting snow banks and dodging mud puddles, the planner in me has already set her sights on sweet summertime, and our annual summer bucket list specifically. As I start booking the final weeks of children’s activities I quickly realized that, while it … More Summer Bucket List

Childhood Wonder

By: Jessica Aldred  Within a matter of four weeks I will have worn fairy wings (twice), evaded gold coin laced traps and done the bunny hop. Between the Tooth Fairy, this new leprechaun situation, and the Easter Bunny, I think I’m having an identity crisis. I mean, I thoroughly enjoy the look on my kids’ … More Childhood Wonder

Homework Blues

By: Jessica Aldred I don’t know about you, but after school pick-up, extracurricular activities, dinner prep and baths the last thing I want to do is homework. After being on the go for ten solid hours, my son has no interest either. However, the unavoidable task of homework presents itself at least four nights a … More Homework Blues

Let it Snow!

By: Jessica Aldred  As New England grunts and bears all that winter has to offer, I find that there are two types of mothers: those who legitimately enjoy the snow and extra time at home spent with their children, and those who dread those unplanned snow days and pray they don’t see their city or town’s name scrolling … More Let it Snow!

Working Mom

By: Jessica Aldred  As I delivered my first son, some 6 ½ years ago, I quickly realized that I couldn’t bear the idea of going back to work full-time and only being able to spend mere minutes of quality time with him each day. Fortunately, I was able to leave my full-time corporate job for a … More Working Mom

New Year’s Dedication

By: Jessica Aldred It’s that time of year again! That time of year when we make New Year’s Resolutions we stand no chance of sticking with. We resolve to eat better, exercise more and not sweat the small stuff. However, after giving it some thought, I’ve found that my resolutions this year are much different than … More New Year’s Dedication