How Middle and High School Students Can Prepare for the Upcoming Semester

By: Heather O’Neill The end of the school semester brings lots of “stuff.”  Stuff scribbled on notepads or random pieces of paper.  Stuff in backpacks.  Stuff in the car (usually wrappings from snacks and empty water bottles) Stuff littered around the house. I can understand and appreciate the need for a break for students, teachers … More How Middle and High School Students Can Prepare for the Upcoming Semester

Hoarders to Help: A Journey of Friendship

By: Sandy Churchill   “I say this with all the love in the world,” confided my dear friend Kerry to me recently. “Don’t buy another pencil!” A fellow homeschooler, my friend understood my frenzied life-style enough to “get” my obsession with school supplies—but also point out that part of our organizational chaos at home is … More Hoarders to Help: A Journey of Friendship

I KonMaried My House

By: Cheryl Maguire   I thought I was living a relativity clutter free existence. After reading the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo I came to the conclusion that I’m a hoarder (just one that throws it all neatly in a closet). After finishing the book, all I saw was … More I KonMaried My House

Identi-key Crisis

By: Sandra L. Churchill Somewhere on this weekend’s to-do list is a little “key surgery.” Two things gave this task a coveted place on my trusty notepad of action items. First, a kindly librarian in our tiny town frowned in disapproval when I hefted my numchucks-sized wad of keys on the counter in a quest … More Identi-key Crisis

Swagger Wagon

By: Tanya Pimental When we started our family six years ago, I embraced owning a mini van. It seemed like a logical purchase, since we needed a second car. My husband and I were sharing a car and I was commuting to work on the train. I had only been driving for a few years; … More Swagger Wagon