Beating Acid Reflux During Football Season

For many of us, weekends during the fall can only mean one thing… Football! Every weekend, millions of Americans prepare to position themselves in front of the TV for a steady diet of touchdowns, unbelievable plays and end zone celebrations. Of course, it isn’t a football game without tables filled with lots of traditional tailgate … More Beating Acid Reflux During Football Season

Picky Eaters

By: Jessica Aldred  Pizza, chicken nuggets (not tenders), cheese, noodles (with cheese) and the occasional hot dog (all slathered in ketchup)- These are the core of my child’s daily menu. I can get him to eat a few other things, but these are the rinse and repeat items on my ‘kids’ menu. When I first … More Picky Eaters

Food Safety Tips

‘Tis the season for picnics, cookouts, and other outdoor parties! As the weather starts to warm up, and many of us start planning summer picnics and barbeques, it’s important to brush up on our food safety tips to ensure that everyone stays healthy. Eating outdoors in warm weather can present a food safety challenge. Bacteria … More Food Safety Tips

Lemon Chicken Soup

By: Tanya Pimental Spring is technically here, but alas it was twenty degrees when the kids let for school this morning.  Temperatures like that make me crave soup. With plans to grocery shop already on my agenda, I started to think about putting something together that wasn’t full on winter comfort food, but would fill … More Lemon Chicken Soup

National Nutrition Month

By: Alison Puzia, Guest Contributor March is National Nutrition Month, a great opportunity to introduce healthy new recipes into your family’s diet. This March, spice up snack-time with some of these healthy alternatives and teach your children to make healthy choices. 1. Homemade Salsa Many store bought salsas are full of preservatives. Go natural- make … More National Nutrition Month

Lunch Boxing

By: Tanya Pimental As the school year approaches each September, you start to see all kinds of fancy lunch ideas. I have to say, the idea of sculpting fruit and making dragon sandwiches is at the bottom of my priorities. While it is important for me to send a nutritional lunch, I don’t feel that … More Lunch Boxing