Raising Leaders

By: Dr. Tanvi Maharaja “… and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Leadership comes naturally to some, while others need a little honing of skills, and some have talents that are best nurtured through following in the lead of a strong hand and a discerning eye. The world as we see it today definitely needs … More Raising Leaders

Raising Adults

By: Heather O’Neill When you first become a parent, you get an animalistic intense desire to protect your child. You want to make sure that nothing ever hurts them – emotionally, physically, spiritually. You keep them safe – baby-proofing your home, securely fastening them into the car seat, zipping up their jackets to stay warm, … More Raising Adults

Top 5 Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids …

By: Abby Keane 5.  HUG your brother, don’t bodyslam him!  (Said nightly at bedtime) 4.  Don’t lick the stove! 3.  The cat’s tail is NOT a microphone! 2.  You are not having any more strawberries until you finish your pizza!  (Seriously, the kid is a side dish fiend!  Main dish, eh.) And… 1.  Don’t squeegee … More Top 5 Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids …

The Terrible Fours?

By: Kris Berry My husband and I are perplexed.  We’re utterly confused.  I hope it’s not just us, and in talking with other parents I’m learning it’s not.  Why is it that people talk about the terrible twos, but fail to talk about what lies beyond that?  Is it so that parents will venture through … More The Terrible Fours?