Presenting Our Mommy Blog Contest Winners!

Meet Our Winners and Soon-To-Be Mommy Bloggers: Our goal was to end up with four (4) wonderful mommy bloggersselected from the towns that make up our region of Massachusetts. We ended up with so many amazing candidates that we couldn’t choose just four. So we chose eight (8) winners! That’s right, eight winners. We thought you’d like to meet them, so we’ve placed brief profiles below. They come from towns across our region including Brockton, Middleboro, Plymouth, Norton, Randolph, Whitman and Bridgewater. We can’t wait for you to get to know them better and for them to share their lives with all of us! Finally, we’d like to say congratulations to all of the women who entered our contest.

Presenting our winners:

Robin Chiacchieri Ruehrwein
Location: Lives in Middleboro, from North Easton
Married: Yes
Children: 3
• Two young boys
• Teenage step-son

Contest Entry: I’m a mom of two young boys and the step-mom of a teenage boy. I got divorced from my kid’s father when my youngest was only three months old and raised them on my own until I was re-married this past October. The entire time I was a single mom, I worked full time, but made it happen. I still work full time, however, now I work from home as well maintaining a successful mommy blog. Networking and “meeting” online friends helps me feel connected to the community and keep my sanity while I’m home all day with a very energetic toddler!

Tanya Dennison Pimental
Location: Brockton
Married: Yes
Children: 2
• Girl, age 5
• Boy, age 3
Additional Information: Experience blogging –

Contest Entry: Social networking has changed parenting and I love being a part of it! Without it, I wouldn’t be half the mom I am. My spunky kids make my blog what it is. While it is a family journal, I try to expand it for others in the area. I want to advise, inspire, and keep people smiling. I think I am a the perfect kind of mom for the Signature Mom bloggers.

Sheila Greene Gaudet
Location: Norton
Married: Yes (husband in the military)
Children: 2
• Teenager
• 8-year old

Contest Entry: I have the joy and challenges of trying to balance being a mom to a teenage soccer player and an 8 year old with special needs, a full-time job in the non-profit sector, a husband who serves in the military and is a commercial pilot (so travels all the time), and the every day challenges of having long-distance parents who are aging and facing the challenges associated with that role as a daughter. I love to write and think that the stories of my life are shared by many moms out there who are doing the best they can.

Martianne Stanger
Location: Plymouth
Married: Yes
Children: 3 – ages 5 and under – two boys and a girl
Additional Information: Experience Blogging –

Contest Entry: Who is that Mommy of three young ones, five and under, at story hour that the other moms and grandmoms alike consult to learn about local playgrounds, events and resources? And, what is the name of that Mama who teaches drama, tutors local students, mentors curriculum and weaves a tapestry of other side jobs into her very warm quilt of being a full-time mother and part-time contractor? Ah, that’s right: Martianne Stanger (or “Martian Stranger”, to spell-checkers and telemarketers alike!). A mommy. A blogger. Perhaps the next Signature Moms Mommy Blogger. (It would be a delight.)

Kristen Jackson Clifford
Location: Bridgewater
Married: Yes
Children: 3
• 2 year old girl
• 3 month old boy/girl twins
Additional Information: Experience blogging-

Contest Entry: I’d make a great Mommy blogger because I’ve been blogging all about my family since 2007. My life is crazy yet fun! I’m a stay at home mom, but use to be a maternity RN. I’m also starting on a journey to get healthy and lose a bunch of weight. My life is full of kids, dieting, and pure craziness!

Jessica DeCristoforo DiRamio
Location: Whitman
Married: Yes
Children: 3 – All Girls

Contest Entry: I’m a WAHM. I don’t just work. I’m not just a mom. I am a work at home mom. ROAR! Oh yeah, sprinkle in my latest title: Head Boston Mom for Daily Deals for Moms, a really awesome company whose mission is to support local businesses and bring fab deals to people just… like me. Did I mention I coach two basketball teams? Oh right, and the fact that I’m completely addicted to Facebook? I’m kinda busy and I love every.single.second of it all.

Kris Caceci Berry
Location: Randolph
Married: Yes
Children: 3
• Twin boys, age 3
• Daughter, 16 months
Additional Notes: Stay at home mom. Her life as a mom started at Brockton Hospital. Boys were in the Level 2 NICU for 12 days.

Contest Entry: We received so much support and kindness from the staff there, I would love to be able to give something back to the signature healthcare community. I did try my hand at blogging a few years ago more or less just to document my savings and spending. You’re more than welcome to check it out if you’d like…there’s not much there about the kids but thought it could be helpful to you! Like I said, it’s old (and something happened with my settings so it’s no longer cute!) but it’s there if you’re interested.;

Abigail Mulligan Keane
Location: Brockton
Married: Yes
Children: 2
• Son, 18 months
• Son, newborn (due end of March)
Additional Notes: Works at Brockton Hospital as a radiology secretary.

Contest Entry: Being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done, but it’s not always easy. I would love to share all the new joys, AND the challenges, with the Signature Moms blog readers as I transition from being mom to one active toddler to being mom to two boys under two years old!

Welcome to our new mommy bloggers. We are excited to begin this journey.

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