Our Mommy Blogger Luncheon

Today our mommy blogger contest culminated in an event where all 8 winners came together for a meet & greet luncheon at Signature Healthcare. The vibe in the room was electric (no kidding, and it was very loud!). There was instant chemistry between the moms – several of whom brought their children along to share in the festivities. The kids even bonded and seemed to have a great time.

One of the amazing things we experienced at the luncheon was the way in which these women came together and began to form a community. It seemed to happen organically – although it actually started on Signature Healthcare’s Facebook page over the last four or five weeks. Of course, once these women start blogging we hope to see that community grow well beyond our 8 mommy bloggers. We want this blog to become a resource for moms and families throughout the region.

Here are a few photos from the gathering. We’ll post more in the days to come.

Jessica, one of our new mommy bloggers
Meet our Mommy Bloggers
Of course they brought the kids!

Also, beginning tomorrow, we’ll start posting brief introductory videos of each of the moms. This is your chance to meet our mommy bloggers and hear them talk about their lives – in their own words. We shot the short video clips during the luncheon. (Listen for the kids playing in the background.) These videos will give you a feel for what these women are all about. But their blog posts in the weeks to come will tell the real story! Stay tuned for those. Each of the moms will be writing two blog posts each month. Their first posts will start appearing the week of March 21st. But until then, we’ll share photos and videos. For those of you on Twitter, you can track news and information about the mommy blog by following the hashtag #SignatureMoms. We’ll also post updates on Signature Healthcare’s Facebook page.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. It promises to be a great experience. We are excited to see where it takes us!

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