Gifting A New Mom

By: Tanya Pimental

As a mom, I have had many friends over the years that have had babies or are also expecting. The first time around the gifts are easy and fun to buy for someone.  But then you wonder what they really need the next time around postpartum for the baby and for themselves.  I’d never go empty handed to meet a new baby and often will bring a prize for the older sibling(s).  So for those of you that seem to be welcoming little ones into your circle of friends and family regularly, consider putting together a hospital survival gift bag for that new mom.  Here are some things I have considered for the kit I am assembling for a dear friend expecting her fourth baby at the end of the week.

  • Candy, find out her favorite
  • Slippers or flip flops
  • Gift card for either an e-reader or itunes
  • Magazines if she doesn’t have an e-reader
  • Chapstick, nicer ones like Burts Bees
  • Non-slip hair bands/headbands
  • Reusable water bottle with straw
  • Soothies for a nursing mom
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pocket sized notebook

There are also lots of great examples out there and I found a great printable label here.

3 thoughts on “Gifting A New Mom

  1. Great ideas!

    Might I add that showing up with some take-out food for new mom and hubby can be greatly appreciated, as can a gift card for whatever restaurant or take-out place is at or near the hospital? Another HUGE thing I appreciated when I was in hospital with babies was having someone go to my house to shovel (during the winter), water (during the summer), fold clothes that were left undone (during any season), etc.

    A journal, baby book or baby 1st year calendar is great – and often forgotten by the mom herself when prepping for the hospital.

    And, if your really want to spoil a new mom – a nursing night gown. I thought they were foolish, but when my sister gave me a couple, I truly loved them. So much comfier than hospital garb and more convenient than regular nightgowns and jammies.

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