Lemon Chicken Soup

By: Tanya Pimental Spring is technically here, but alas it was twenty degrees when the kids let for school this morning.  Temperatures like that make me crave soup. With plans to grocery shop already on my agenda, I started to think about putting something together that wasn’t full on winter comfort food, but would fill … More Lemon Chicken Soup

Attention Area Moms: Here’s Your Chance to Become a Signature Mommy Blogger!

We’re excited to announce that we’re sponsoring another Signature Moms Blog Contest! All mothers in the South Shore area of Massachusetts are invited to enter from April 2, 2014 to May 1, 2014. The contest will culminate with four or five moms winning $250 each. Selected moms will join Sandy Churchill, Anne Marie Holloway, Janice … More Attention Area Moms: Here’s Your Chance to Become a Signature Mommy Blogger!

Sochi Excitement

By: Tanya Pimental  Not many people that I know love the winter and the cold.  I, however, really do love a crisp cold day.  I don’t typically bundle up much. And I actually like to shovel, even though my husband likes to joke that I never do. Winter sports are also my favorite.  So as … More Sochi Excitement

Seasonal Fun

By: Tanya Pimental As soon as Halloween is over, I’m ready for the joy of the winter holidays to begin. Many people wait until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas. However, this year Thanksgiving came a week later than usual, making for less time between the two holidays. That means less time for those who … More Seasonal Fun

Young Dancer

By: Tanya Pimental When I think back to my earliest happy moments in life, they involve dance.  I took to dance early on in life, when I was just a young child. I focused on ballet in particular, and even now in my adult life, I often long to stand at the barre or to … More Young Dancer

Lunch Boxing

By: Tanya Pimental As the school year approaches each September, you start to see all kinds of fancy lunch ideas. I have to say, the idea of sculpting fruit and making dragon sandwiches is at the bottom of my priorities. While it is important for me to send a nutritional lunch, I don’t feel that … More Lunch Boxing

The Signature Moms Blog Does It Again!

We’re excited to share that the Signature Moms blog has once again been featured in the news!  Congratulations to all of the mommy bloggers as they continue to make headlines! Ragan’s Health Care Communication News recently featured an article on the Signature Moms Blog entitled, “Signature Healthcare Hits a Sweet Spot with its Mommy Blog.”  … More The Signature Moms Blog Does It Again!

Stitch Fix

By: Tanya Pimental As the seasons change, I start to dwell on my wardrobe. What will still fit, what isn’t stained or overly worn out from last year, how do I stay trendy and comfortable without breaking the bank? Then someone recommended Stitch Fix to me.  It sounded like a great way to try some … More Stitch Fix