Maternity Fashion

By: Tanya Pimental

If you are a pregnant woman or have been or will be, you know that the thought of maternity clothes is does not conjure up images of the latest runways.  At first I think of overalls and tent looking overly printed tops. Why would people wear these things pregnant when they wouldn’t normally wear them? Sadly, comfortable sometimes equates to sloppy, oversized, and ugly.  It is so easy to lump maternity clothes into category that makes them seem so temporary and easily discarded.  However, some decent pieces will carry into your postpartum months and looking or feeling great will keep you glowing inside and out. Layer for comfort and accessorize for fun!

For me, when I am not always feeling my prettiest, I like to think that I can at least still wear decent clothes to give me pick up. I should add that pregnant or not, I’m not a fan of grown woman in the grocery store wearing pajamas. Now finding those clothes at an affordable cost is the tricky part for most people.  Well I want to share with you where to find some decent clothing staples to take you through those few seasons with an expanded waistline.

  • Macy’s carries Motherhood clothes and has a decent section in many of their stores now.
  • Old Navy online is much easier than in the store.  Most stores don’t carry their maternity stuff or have very little selection.  They do great sales.
  • Target has a small section but it usually changes quite a bit. I’d recommend a few things at a time here.  Also, depending on the location, they have great end of season clearance.  I scored a pair of shorts and two tshirts for $14.
  • JC Penney online has some cute items but I’m not wowed. I have not yet found a store that carries these so this would be for shopping online.
  • Destination Maternity/Motherhood is my favorite but it’s also the priciest. Their sale racks in store. There are a few outlet locations but they are not much cheaper than the regular store.  I find the quality and trendiness to be top here.
  • Ebay, craigslist, and of course consignment shops are where to get the best bang for your buck. Also consider consigning your clothes when your family is complete.

Want to learn more about fashion in general and what is what this season?  Or maybe you just want to expand your knowledge of the maternity fashion industry. Here are a few blogs to keep you current and looking your best:

Feeling crafty yourself?  I have grown to love side ruched shirts of all kinds when I am pregnant.  They fit your form and keep you comfortable without making you look like a circus act.  These are great postpartum as well for many months. You can only have so many assorted colors of the same plain side ruched  t-shirt.  Here is a fantastic and easy tutorial on how to do this on your own with any shirt you may really like this season.  I love that I found this posted on Pinterest!

Lastly, a confession from me about one of my favorite maternity clothes items, maternity underwear rocks. It is so comfortable and you’d never know they were made for pregnant woman.  I haven’t stopped wearing them since I had my first daughter and she turned five last Spring. Maybe I shouldn’t tell my husband about this part of my wardrobe.

3 thoughts on “Maternity Fashion

  1. Great links and information.

    You made me laugh with your maternity underwear bit and made me feel like I could use a consultant with much of the prior post. Though not a jammies in the supermarket gal, I left “fashion” for comfort, ease and practicality long ago. Plus, since I am most comfortable in skirts and dresses, I tended to look like a tent for much of my pregnancies, I admit.

    Another place to look for/ask for/”donate” maternity clothes is freecycle. Though not the height of fashion, I gave and received some good pieces that way.

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