Blogging is a Lonely Sport …

By: Abby Keane

There are many benefits to blogging including, for many people, belonging to a new community.  The blogger is able to connect with commenters and other bloggers.  They come together over a common topic, which creates a fast bond.  There are mommy bloggers, infertility bloggers, celebrity bloggers, food bloggers, just about any topic you can imagine probably has a blogging community.

However, blogging is also inherently lonely.  Entries are written alone, and posted with the hope that someone will comment to agree, share their experience, or even disagree, so long as the blogger knows there is someone out there reading.  Based on our yearly stats, we know you’re out there reading the Signature Moms blog.  I know I occasionally have people comment to me in person, or on Facebook, or even to my parents that they read my latest blog entry and they really liked it, and it’s someone I never thought would be reading.  My boss (Hi Sue!) recently asked me if I’d posted any entries lately, that she had gotten a little behind with the blog reading.  I was shocked!  I had no idea she was reading this whole time.

I want to extend a challenge to all of you out there reading this blog.  The challenge is:


I feel comfortable speaking for my fellow bloggers when I say we would love to hear more from you – what you like to hear about, what you don’t, topics you would like to see covered, follow ups from past entries, anything really.  Make a New Year’s resolution to delurk and comment once a week, or even once a month.  I would really enjoy learning more about the many readers of this blog and what has drawn them to the Signature Moms blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

And, Happy New Year to you and your family, from me and mine!

3 thoughts on “Blogging is a Lonely Sport …

  1. Yes! As you know, I made that commitment quite a while back and try to take time to comment on all of the blog posts I read in a given day. However, now, in order to keep my commitment to spend LESS time online and more putting my focus where I know it needs to be, I have knocked it back to one or two a day.

    I am not a stats person, but I am someone who loves chats, community, discussion, and, to some degree, debate. So, I echo your challenge to all readers here and elsewhere online.

    I know on my personal blog, Training Happy hearts ( comments bring me not only a sense of “there is a purpose for what I am doing here” but also ideas about what else readers may want me to discuss/post about. With limited time to share and readers from different backgrounds with different needs for information and entertainment, I have to be choosy about what resources, tips, stories, pictures, etc I share. Sure, sometimes what I share is just for me to reflect or for my family to have a record, but I also aim to inspire, walk alongside, support and find community and solidarity with others. Comments really help with that.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  2. Thank you for challenging folks to comment! I always get so excited to see comments here and on my personal blog. It makes me feel like my time spent writing is worth it to someone else! I’d also love to hear what others want to read about.

  3. Blogging may be a lonely sport but I remember, long long ago, shortly after my now 21 year old was born, the simple desire to talk to another adult. Feeling trapped in the house between nap time, meal time, laundry and play time, I looked out the window and saw a neighbor walking. I opened the window to yell hello — she knew exactly what I needed. A five minute chat over a cup of tea. (Her children were about 5 years older…she must have known that look of “help me”) Not everyone has a neighbor close by these days — work schedules and demands of juggling both kids and parents. Blogging keeps us connected and mindful of the fact that this phase in our life is joyous despite the demands. Enjoy the days as they pass far too quickly!

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