Be Careful When Reaching for Orange Juice …

For many of us, the first drink we tend to grab in the morning – especially for our kids – is orange juice.  This week you may want to pay extra attention as to where your orange juice was made when crossing it off your shopping list in the grocery store…

The FDA recently announced it would temporarily halt all imports of foreign orange juice.   The blockade was prompted by fears that some foreign orange juice contains traces of carbendazim, a fungicide banned in the United States.  The import ban is set to last until the FDA has finished conducting a thorough investigation of fungicide levels.

The FDA has since lowered the alarm level.  FDA officials said that there is no reason to think that the trace levels of fungicide in the orange juice supply constitute a health threat at this time, and that the testing regime is borne out of extreme caution rather than knowledge of present danger.  The FDA also announced that it had started clearing some orange juice shipments for entrance into the U.S.

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