Sight Words

By: Tanya Pimental

My kindergartener loves to learn.  I sometimes have to encourage her to just have fun.  She asks how to spell things for the books she is writing.  The other day she had me write author and illustrator for her to complete her cover page.  It amazes me to see her learning to read.

In an effort to continue the learning at home and practice her sight words, I decided to craft up something that I could throw in my bag to have handy while out and about.  You can find sight word cards in most stores and even at the dollar store.  I get annoyed when they get bent and ripped.  Something more durable would cost more, but not if you make your own.

I dug out my laminater and picked up some laminating sheets.  Then I went to town with a set of sight words. With a hole puncher, I then punched out a circle to put a ring clasp through.  The great thing about this clasp is it’s easy to open to take the cards off.  This is helpful for creating sentences.

Here is a list of sight words for Kindergarteners that may be helpful for you to work on at home with your learning little ones.  Below is what my Lucy has been working on in her classroom this year:

  • Unit One: I, a, to, the, little, am
  • Unit Two: is, my, he, like, we, have, for
  • Unit Three: me, with, she, of, see, you, look, they
  • Unit Four: are, go, do, here, from, that, one, three, five, two, four
  • Unit Five: was, come, where, blue, green, said, what, yellow
  • More: not, at, on, can, seven, ten, eight, it, red, nine, big, in, six, and, yes, no, off, pink, brown, orange, black. white, purple

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