Back-to-School, Back-to-Sleeping More

By: Martianne Stanger

With the school year upon us, I have begun reflecting on last year and planning goals for this year.  It might seem crazy, but one of goal our family’s academic year goals is sleep.

Now, I don’t mean sleeping through studies.  I simply mean getting enough sleep at night (and at nap times, for some).

You see, we have one child who has always struggled with sleep issues due to the way his mind works.  Add to that two adults who fall prey to the temptation to get online or to do other things in the wee hours when all three children are actually asleep, and we end up with more than half-the-household suffering all too consistently from sleep deprivation (however, self-induced some of that deprivation may be).  This is not a good thing.

Thus, establishing habits that support healthier amounts of sleep in our household is high on my priority list.  Taking action on the goal includes:

  • Revising our 5T’s for Bedtime routine with the kids to accommodate their current preferences for wind-down activities.
  • Making a greater effort to model better bedtime practices ourselves, such as going to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Taking a look at our bedrooms with an eye for anything that might be preventing a good night’s sleep.

Basically, I seek to prioritize the very natural need for sleep that we all have.

Corollary to making sleep a priority is to take an honest look at our schedule.  Are we involved in too much?  Are we getting adequate down time or are we over-scheduled?

A sign that we’re too busy?

With all the worthwhile offerings that are out there for learning, sports, and enrichment;  it is tempting to do it all – and to do it all, now.  However, as I begin piecing together what our fall might look like, I realize that even if certain activities might be “right” for our family, they may not right for us right now.  Living a life that balances rest with productivity and allows us to live on purpose is what is right for us right now!

Off now to have a less busy day and then to go to bed “early” tonight.

What habits will you be focusing on for your family in the coming months?  Will you work proactively and collaboratively with your children, their mentors, their coaches and their educators to ensure that all you family’s waking (and sleeping!) hours are in-line with your needs and beliefs?

One thought on “Back-to-School, Back-to-Sleeping More

  1. I must admit that our new habit is not going so well yet, but I am remaining steadfast with it.

    Also, for those interested in our 5T’s, I wrote more about them and shared a printable at

    And, for those with special kids, you might be interested in the sleep interview we did with our then 5 1/2 year old son. It’s at

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