Venture Out to the Discovery Museums

By: Martianne Stanger

Where can you enjoy standing inside a bubble…


making your own ball drop contraption…

ball drop

going on a safari…


building your own inventions…


playing outdoor pipes…


creating gigantic tangrams…


and a wall of geoboards…


and more?


At the Discovery Museums in Acton!

Now, I know that’s a hike from our Signature Moms area, but let me tell you it’s well worth it, whether you pay full admission or take advantage of free First Friday nights.

All three of my children, my husband and I all love the place.  We usually spend an hour or more in the Children’s building, where the Chain Reaction Room is a favorite.

chain reaction room

Then, if it’s daylight, we head outside for a break and a bite to eat, enjoying some of the attractions between the buildings and in the wooded picnic area.  (If it’s dark or cruddy out, we have a car picnic.  There is no indoor eating area at the museum.)

picnic area

Then, we spend the rest of the time in the Science building, where our son LOVES the woodworking area and we all love the fun, hands-on displays.

woodworking area

Sure, the ride there and back is long, but the excitement on the way there and the chance for the kids to rest on the way home make it bearable. Especially during these cold months when everyone’s looking for new indoor things to do, the Discovery Museums can make a worthwhile day trip for any family.  They even have free “Especially for Me” evenings for families with deaf or hard of hearing children and those with children with autism.  Just check out their calendar!

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