Caring For A New Baby

By: Dianne Quadros

Having a new baby can be frightening, especially when you consider the fact that you love this child with all your heart and you want the very best for this new little person.  The struggle usually begins with the self-realization that you have absolutely no concrete experience caring for a baby! Many new parents share this same problem.  Even when you think you know what to do, getting home with your own precious child can be overwhelming. Some of us have a Master’s of Science in Parent-Child Nursing and still feel bewildered when we arrive home, alone with our newborn for the first time! A basic rule of thumb is to trust your instincts and base decisions on common sense.  For example, if something seems a little out of the ordinary, but not really troublesome, it is typically  just a variation on “normal.”

It is important to be aware of all the resources available to you.  Many young parents have their own parents of whom they can ask questions or learn parenting skills.  Many have siblings that have had children, and all have health care providers that are available for any questions and concerns.  It is a good idea to have a notebook readily available to jot down questions for your providers.  It is incredibly frustrating to have an opportunity to ask questions or get advice from you provider or your baby’s provider and forget the specific concerns you had.  Sleep deprivation can make even the most organized, new mother forget things.  One thing to remember: God doesn’t let them learn to talk for a couple of years, so they won’t go around telling everyone your little mistakes!

Dianne has practiced as a certified nurse-midwife at Signature Healthcare for the past 14 years.  She has 2 children and enjoys all aspects of motherhood from listening to her daughter talk about her final “capping” project for college to helping her son with a history assignment.  As a result of the many years of helping with homework…she is smarter than a fifth grader!

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