Jungle Jake’s

By: Kristen Clifford

We’ve recently hit the winter slump. You know that time in the winter, where you and your kids are bored and ready for the warm weather to come.My husband and I decided we needed to find somewhere new to take the kids. I did some Googling and found a place in Pembroke called Jungle Jake’s.

Jungle Jake2

Jungle Jake's

The kids all had a great time. Jungle Jake’s was very clean! The staff there were great and  they all were very helpful and friendly.

Jungle Jake3

Jungle Jake6

Jungle Jake’s had a separate toddler/baby room, a room with large inflatables to climb in and on, and a room with a train table, a small baby slide, a trampoline, LOTS of cars, and so much more.

Jungle Jake4

Jungle Jake5

They also put a wrist band on every one there including the adults. When you leave they make sure your bracelets all match, which I thought was great.

Jungle Jake7

Jungle Jake’s doesn’t allow outside food, but they do sell food and coffee there, so either bring extra money, or eat before you go!

We definitely will be taking the kids back soon!

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