The Price of Procrastination

By: Janice Johnson-Plumer

I have learned that procrastination can rob you of many things.

It can cost you time and money, and it can make you feel less productive. How many times as mothers do we say, “I’ll write the note tonight,” only to find ourselves scribbling a note on a piece of paper we found in our car on our way to drop off our kids at school? How many times as working moms do we say, “I’ll get that report to my boss before the deadline,” and only get to focus on it the hour before it’s due?

DeadlineThis evening, I learned that procrastination can also cost me money. I am a real estate agent and someone approached me about doing a market analysis on their home. I am now trying to tie up loose ends because I was going to be out due to surgery for at least three weeks. I told the person I would work on it before I went in for surgery. However, between my son’s basketball games and trying to get my house organized and cleaned, the weekend was over and I hadn’t even started working on the market analysis. I should have carved out time to do it, but I kept telling myself that I would work on the project after my surgery, and it never happened. Ultimately, my procrastination cost me money and made me feel like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

My home office looked a total mess. I kept telling myself that I’d clean it on Tuesday, I’d clean it on Friday, etc. I didn’t get to clean it until I was off after my surgery, which was months away from my initial desire to clean my office.

How can we moms get over the ills of procrastination? As the Nike slogan says, “Just Do It!” When you are given a deadline, just do it! When someone approaches you to do something- especially if you have your own business and it’s going to make you money- just do it! You will find you will feel better about your self, the task will be completed, and you will form a new and productive habit.

8 thoughts on “The Price of Procrastination

  1. I have been working on that as well! It is hard to resist time consuming things like TV, texting, coffee breaks, but I have learned, or rather am learning, that putting things off is stressful. I am getting better at maintaining my home, and now I have more free time and less stress. Who would have thought?!

  2. I find “just do it” and have time blocks works best for me – that is when I do both. Otherwise my just do “it” ends up being “while ignoring everything else to a fault.” Balance is SO hard.

  3. I find that having dedicated time blocks for work in conjunction with “just do it” helps me. Otherwise doing “it” means I overlook or ignore too many toehr things. Balance within motherhood – especially working motherhood, is so difficult.

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