The Secret is Out …

1419867_flowers_bouquetIt comes as no surprise that people are starting to take notice of our growing online parenting community: The Signature Moms blog!

Boston Business Journal recently published an article on the Signature Moms blog entitled, “Signature Brockton Uses ‘Mommy Bloggers’ To Drive Volume.”  The article shares how the Signature Moms blog recently reached the milestones of more than 100,00 views and 2,500 subscribers.  More importantly, the article takes note of our mommy bloggers that have come to serve as community voices across Southeastern Massachusetts.  From motherhood, parenting, relationships, work/life balance, medical issues, pregnancy, divorce to summer activities, potty training, arts and crafts, and recipes; no topic is off limit for our mommy bloggers!  Each of our bloggers writes from the heart, and that makes all the difference.

Congratulations to all of our Signature Moms bloggers!  We can’t wait to see what the future holds! As long as you keep writing, we’ll keep reading.  Thanks to each of you for what you bring to this community.  Because of your contributions, it truly is a community.

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