How Will You Enjoy Fire Safety Month?

By: Martianne Stanger


Fire house relaxing with demo

That means it’s time to practice, “Stop, drop and roll,” and, “Stay low and go.” It’s also time to check alarms, review emergency escape plans, and give a little extra attention to fire safety awareness. While you’re at it, enjoy some family fun!

At home or at school, you can try some sensory smart fire safety activities and check out apps, activities, games and more at Parents and teachers can also head to for further fire safety ideas and information.

Home Depot fire day Out and about town, you can take advantage of many free and informative events at stores, libraries, fire stations and other locations.  For example, one recent Saturday, we thoroughly enjoyed making fire rescue airplanes, talking to firemen and climbing in a fire truck at Home Depot. (Many Home Depots have similar fire awareness days every year on the first Saturday of October, so be on the look out for these fun, free events next year.)

Home Depot fire planes

You may also want to contact your local fire department to see if they will be having an open house. For several years running, we’ve learned and laughed at the event in our town, which Papa Gino’s helps sponsor.

Papa Gino’s sponsors about 100 such open fire house events throughout New England every year. To see if your local fire house is involved, check out the list at the bottom of the Papa Gino’s Fire Safety Month page.

Fire house Jack with freebies

Whatever you do, be aware, be safe and keep enjoying. Fire safety, like all safety, begins at home and can provide engaging fun and learning for families.

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