5 Local Places to Enjoy Autumn Outside

By: Martianne Stanger

Have you noticed how beautiful the autumn weather has been this year?

Outdoor fun

Without doubt, our family has and we’ve been taking full advantage of it.

This fall, I don’t think anyone would ask us the question that Janice posed here on the blog last summer, “Whatever Happened to Playing Outside?”  For, as we continue our Pumpkinsfamily quest of Chasing Outdoor Freedom, my children and I have spent three or more hours outside most days, and Daddy has joined us in doing so on many weekends.

Parks, playgrounds, seasonal events, our own front yard, and some favorite local trails have all offered us more than enough impetus to enjoy the great outdoors this autumn without ever getting bored. Nature drawing. Collecting leaves. Picnicking. Learning lessons on a blanket. Playing in the woods. Picking pumpkins. Navigating corn mazes.  Starting an Art-N-Nature club. Picking apples. Tossing up leaves. Hunting for bugs… Every day brings its own outdoor adventure.

If you’d like to seek some local fun outdoors, too, why not try out five of our favorite destinations, which anyone can visit almost any day for free?


 1.  Oliver Mills Park is a small, but beautiful park just off Route 44 in Middleboro. It’s a perfect place to picnic, listen to small waterfalls, draw or even spy a heron!

WW1 - Memorial Park

2.  World War I Memorial Park in North Attleboro has a small petting zoo, a playground, a great big tube slide and a fantastic sand play area, all for free.


3.  White Horse Beach in Plymouth has almost no crowds at this time of year, but remains beautiful as always for playing, picnicking and walks.

Great river

4.  The Great River Preserve in Bridgewater offers a walk through fields and wooded areas, sometimes close to a river, with opportunities to view flowers, catch grasshoppers, collect hickory nuts and more.

Pratt Farm

5. Pratt Farm, off Route 105 in Middleboro, is a great place to build lean-to’s in the woods, hike, fish, etc.

Where are some of your favorite outdoor locations to enjoy as a family every fall?

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