By: Janice Johnson-Plumer 

I cannot believe 2014 is here! Where did the year go? It seems I have not accomplished all that I said I would do. Like the rest of the country, I make my list only to find that at the end of Roller Coasterthe year I didn’t even cross off one stinking thing. This year, it seemed like my list got bigger and bigger, and I found myself almost having an anxiety attack before the year ended. I was on a rollercoaster controlled by everyone else in my life. When I was ready to get off, I couldn’t; people wouldn’t let me.

But that won’t happen this year. I have decided to be determined. Google tells me that to be determined is to make a firm decision and resolve not to change it. So instead of making resolutions and not sticking to them, I have decided to be determined in 2014. I will change or eliminate certain aspects of my life, and I will change my course.

So, as I sit and reflect (and wait for the huge snow storm we are about to get), this is what I have determined to do for myself in 2014:

I have determined to make fitness part of my life. Not to lose 15 pounds and stress about it and beat myself up when it doesn’t happen. I am already going to the local Y three mornings a week. When you exercise, you look good and when you look good, you feel good. So it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a body like a brick house; I am still reaping all the benefits of exercise. I have more energy to do the mundane tasks I dread, like laundry. I have noticed that I now sprint while putting everyone’s laundry away and I can run up and down my stairs.

I have determined to dive into my creative side. What does that mean, you ask? Well, for starters I can begin to use the $500 DSLR camera I bought last year. Instead of taking boring shots, I will take the time to learn what every button on the camera does and steps I can take to improve my photos. I have always loved photography, but I always felt rushed into taking pictures. I have taken many photos of my son playing basketball, but now I want to get into more landscapes, nature and black and white photos.

I have determined to make time for me. Remember the rollercoaster I mentioned earlier? Well, for the past year work, my son, my husband and my family were controlling it. I was never able to say, “Hey, I want to get off now.”  Well, if it means that I have to go for a run when I am tired or don’t feel motivated, I will now go because I need that time for myself.

I am determined to pay off my credit card debt and start saving like mad. Why should the credit card companies have all my money? What did I buy? I couldn’t even tell you. It’s years and year’s worth of stuff. When I leave this earth I can’t take it with me.

I am determined to write a book about my mother, who passed away in the beginning of 2013 from colon cancer. To watch someone you love change right before your eyes is heart wrenching. I want others to know how to deal with it and how I made it through.

I am determined to have a relationship with God. Since my son’s basketball games are on Sundays, I have missed attending church quite a bit. I couldn’t begin to tell you what’s going on with my church. Therefore, I feel like I don’t know what’s going on in my community. I will make it a priority to attend church and be more attentive to my fellow members.

I am determined to get certified in spinning. Since I need to pay off debt, why not become an instructor to earn some extra cash? I enjoy it and I want to help others get their spin on.

I am determined to be a better wife and mother, which means I need to set boundaries, while still being supportive of what my family members are doing. This past year, I felt like I wasn’t really listening to their needs because I was so consumed with my own issues or problems.

I am determined to put my real estate license to good use.

I am determined to turn off the TV, Internet, Twitter and Instagram and curl up with the e-reader that has collected some dust. I have downloaded so many books that I said I would read, but they are still sitting there. I want to turn off the TV and really concentrate on silence and just being still. It’s those times that I can really hear myself think.

I am determined to get my son into private school. It has been something my husband and I talked and thought about, but never thought it was attainable. We are stepping out on faith and going forward with the application process.

I think that completes my list of determination. I feel it is enough for me to handle and work on during 2014. I am striving to be a better person by making time for me, providing a better education for my son and tapping into my creative to prevent myself from spending. I think that sounds like a good plan for 2014.

What are you determined to accomplish in 2014? I’d love to hear!

One thought on “Determined

  1. Hi, Janice, Good to hear your determinations. I too am a Mom of a son that plays alot of basketball and for some reason I find it hard to miss a game. So this year one my main goals is to take time out for myself. I lost my father last year to colon cancer, and losing him has taken alot out of me. So while I am not setting resolutions, I too have several goals I want to accomplish in 2014. Take Care and Happy 2014

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