The Hubby Dominates a Blog

By: Kevin O’Neill

So a while back the Wifey told me she was going to be a Mommy Blogger. She seemed excited and I thought it was a great idea. The other day as she was brainstorming topics, she asked me to write one, a sort of a husband/dad point of view of a wife/mom. I thought this was an even greater idea since I am a cunning linguist and the blogosphere is one of the few things I have yet to dominate.


So here I am, all 6’5’’ 275 lbs of shaved-headed, goateed, rugged handsomeness, writing on the Signature Moms blog. This makes complete sense.

I have read all of the blogs that the Wifey has written. I have proofread them. I have shared them. I have gone as far as to “like” them on Facebook (that’s huge right there).  And now that I sit down to write one myself, I find it tough to top them. Like most all things involved with our family, the Wifey has done a great job. Whether serious or comical, she has done a great job depicting our boys.

For those of you that don’t know our family, there’s the Wifey and I, along with our two boys, Jameson and Jackson; aka Hawk and Animal. I know you’ll be shocked to hear that the Wifey doesn’t refer to the boys as the two professional wrestlers that made up the greatest tag team of all time: The Legion of Doom aka The Road Warriors: Hawk and Animal. She chooses to go by their birth names. Weird, I know. This is one of the infinite number of differences between the Wifey and I.

The boys fart. I laugh and the Wifey is disgusted.

Hawk headbutts Animal. I am pumped and the Wifey steps in to referee.

The boys like a girly Disney character. The Wifey thinks it’s cute and I bang my head against a wall. Hard.

The stories and differences are endless.

So although I told her I would try, I cannot write a mommy blog for the Wifey. While I do a great deal around the house, I certainly cannot be considered a Mr. Mom (maybe sometimes a Mrs. Dad at best). I assume that like many of the Signature Moms Bloggers’ husbands, I could never fulfill the many roles that the Wifey plays. I cannot comprehend how the Wifey manages to do all that she does. She is the glue that keeps us together. Without her, The Legion of Doom and I would be lost.

My point is not to rave about my wife. My wife is by no means perfect. But she is perfect for me and she is perfect for the boys. My point is to raise a glass and cheers all the mommy bloggers, the Wifey included, on their ability to be a full time employees, full time moms, full time partners, part time maids, part time taxi drivers, etc., etc., and part time bloggers as well. Here’s to you, all that you do, and all that you do so well.


The Hubby

4 thoughts on “The Hubby Dominates a Blog

  1. Kevin, this is an exceptional post! Thanks for infusing your voice into the conversation. You are a good man!

  2. This was so well written. From all the stories I read about your family (friends with the wifey on FB) , I think they should give you a reality show 🙂

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