Local Beaches Beckon…

By: Martianne Stanger

It’s time to hit the beach!  Before the crowds.  Before the parking fees.  Before summer officially settles in.  Or, at least it is for my family.

Duxbury Beach Sunny, spring days never fail to invite my family to go explore local beaches  We happily accept this invitation, piling into our van with a picnic to enjoy.

In years past, early beach forays have brought me special moments with my baby

Jack on beach

chilly, but fun early Mother’s Day outings….

Cold waters

 This year, the first beach that beckoned to us was Town Neck in Sandwich.  We were down that way for a field trip to the Glass Museum in April.  It was a sunny, beautiful day, so despite chill winds, we could not resist stopping off at a local grocery store for impromptu picnic foods before heading to the boardwalk.

Town Neck The children chose our picnic spot – right amongst the boulders that they love to climb on.  Why not? Then, we tossed stones into the sea, played in the sand…

Town Neck

…and walked along, our souls nourished by sand, surf and sunshine!

Town Neck Another recent day, we enjoyed picnicking and the playground at Nelson Park, where we hope the splash pad will be turned on again soon.

And, still another morning, we drove over to Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury for a scenic walk to the beach.

 Duxbury Beach

 I hardly felt it was bathing suit weather, but my Nina insisted it was.  Not only did she wear her swimsuit under her clothes, but she also stripped down to it when she became the official water hauler for the castle and moat her brothers and her built.

 Duxbury Beach

 Undoubtedly, the rest of us will follow Nina’s lead in the weeks to come, shedding layers to enjoy the sun and surf on our skin as we relax and play at local beaches.

I expect our family will go for beach hikes and play “Kerplink Kerplunk at some old favorites like Ellisville Harbor, Bay Farm Conservation Area, and Center Hill Preserve.  And, before the crowds come, we’ll likely swim and play at White Horse, Scusset and some of the Wareham Beaches.  Then, when summer officially arrives, we’ll undoubtedly visit old friends at a private beach in Manomet that I grew up going to.

We’d love to check out some new beaches for hiking, exploring, swimming and fun. Please share your favorites!

One thought on “Local Beaches Beckon…

  1. Love this post!! My clan and I also like to hit the beach way before the crowds do. One of our local favorites is Houghtons Pond. There’s a great beach and snack stand, an awesome playground, and walking trails as well! And we also love Town Neck in Sandwich and the boardwalk…my parents live right there!!

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