My Love of Crafts & Wreaths

By: Rachel Ventura

As most of you know, I really enjoy crafting. One of my favorite things to create are wreaths. I make them for all seasons and occasions. You can almost always find a wreath hanging on our front door. I really think it makes the house look inviting and festive! And they are so easy to make! You can make them as simple or ornate as you’d like, and there are so many different materials you can use. So many possibilities!! Here are a few of my favorites:

Autumn Wreath

This is one of the first wreaths I ever made! It looks so great on the front door during autumn months. You can start with a wreath of any size, dimension, and construction. For this, I used a Styrofoam wreath, but you can use anything you can find. If you use a wreath that comes wrapped in plastic, I suggest that you keep it wrapped. It makes less of a mess, and you won’t see the wreath underneath, anyways! Then take different ribbons, cut to length, and tie each one around the wreath. Do it all the way around, in a pattern, or randomly, until the whole wreath is covered. I like to have the ribbons cut all the same length, for uniformity, but I did make the striped ribbon a little longer, for some flare. I also try to tie each knot in the same direction, so they all lay the same.


This wreath hangs in my family room all year long. I love it! Start with a wooden embroidery hoop. I removed the clasp and used my trusty hot glue gun to attach the two ends and close the hoop. Then, take wooden clothes pins and paint them whatever colors you like. Once the paint is dry, attach the clothes pins to the hoop, all the way around, and tie a bow, if you like. I added a V and hung it with fishing wire, so it looks like it is floating in the middle.


I originally made this wreath for Christmas, and I do swap out the clothes pins during the holiday season each year.

Spring wreath

This is the wreath I made for last spring. I would have hung it again this year, but it ended up being a little smaller than I’d hoped, and I also had a new idea for this year. Again, I used a Styrofoam wreath and just wrapped ribbon tightly all the way around. Using a wider ribbon makes this a bit easier. Then, using a hot glue gun and sharp sewing pins, I attached the flowers.

Spring wreath

Here is the wreath I made last summer. I was inspired when I found this beautiful burlap ribbon at the craft store. I actually made the flowers out of foam. They were a bit of a pain and I don’t really recommend trying it. Ha! But if you wanted to, there are lots of websites with instructions, like this one. It’s how I figured it out! Once again, I attached them with the hot glue gun and sharp pins. I also added buttons and a welcome banner made from foam and stickers. It reminds me of the carnival and bright, sunny summer days.

Summer wreath

Here is the wreath that is currently hanging on our door. Very simple, understated and spring-y! I found the ribbon and flowers while perusing the craft store and decided to whip this up. I wrapped the flower ribbon in one direction, and then the colored ribbon the other way. I also purposely left space between the ribbon, to let the straw of the wreath show through. Then I added the flowers.


I already have all my supplies for my next project – I just need to throw it together. It will be summer in a few short weeks, and I’ll have this beauty ready to hang before then. I love how simple this is. Just gorgeous!

I hope I’ve inspired you all some to go out and get crafty!

One thought on “My Love of Crafts & Wreaths

  1. I also love making wreaths, and you have given me some really great ideas for my next couple of projects. I really love the clothespin idea. I have a bunch of clothes pins that I used for last year’s summer bucket list (with an activity written on each clothespin)that I wanted to repurpose. Perfect!

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