My Alone Time

By: Heather Desmond O’Neill

Finally.  The weather is nice enough for me to drive with my windows open.

Car radioOne of the small things in life that I enjoy is driving with my windows open, radio on, all alone.

It’s like I’m a different person – Alone in a car;  Listening to what I want;  As loud as I want; With no little munchkins dictating what we “need” to listen to.

Let’s face it, Mamas – alone time in the car is priceless.  Granted, it’s usually only when I’m going to or from work – but it’s my alone time.

There are times when I may get carried away.  Just the other day I pulled into a parking spot at work and got a few looks from a colleague.  “You’re pretty lively in the morning,” he said.  What’s wrong with listening to a little old school Michael Jackson at full volume at 6:30am?

I also sing in the car.  A lot.  There have been numerous occasions where I have been belting out a Grammy Award-winning performance and take a quick glance to my right and see a car full of people gaping at me.  Usually I finish out the phrase, give them a “thumbs up” and keep going. No one is going to steal my thunder during my alone time in the car.

Another confession … I seat dance.  If the mood strikes (the weather and the music are great) I have been known to unleash my inner Beyonce once or twice.  OK, probably more like 1-2 thousand times, but who’s counting.  I blame my mother – she was my dance teacher growing up and frequently choreographed in the car.  I took this habit on and choreographed many a dances behind the wheel.  I’m a seat dancer for life.

Today was one of those perfect days:

  • I was alone in the car
  • The weather was gorgeous
  • Windows were down
  • My “new favorite song” (this changes quite frequently) came on
  • I sang at the top of my lungs
  • I seat danced the entire way home

By the time I got home, I was in a great mood.  Kids were outside playing, sun was shining, and all I needed to do was play with my kids.

I live for little moments like that.

So next time you’re in traffic, don’t judge the woman in the minivan who is enjoying her alone time, singing and seat dancing to her throwback jams.  Smile, nod and try it for yourself.  It’s amazing what a little song and dance can do for your soul.

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