Heritage Museum & Gardens

By: Tanya Pimental

Mother's Day

Last year, I mentioned that our family adores the Heritage Museum & Gardens in Sandwich, MA.  It has now become a tradition that we visit each Mother’s Day.  Having a Grammie and Pop that live nearby makes it extra special. There is something quite calming about wandering the grounds.  If  you find yourself over the bridge on Cape Cod, add this gem to your list of “must do” adventures.

Mother's Day

I love to take my shoes off and walk through the thick, freshly-cut grass. The waterfall is a favorite spot as well. When we visit, I always make sure my camera is fully charged and ready to snap some photos.  I make it a point to have someone take a picture of me with each of my kids. Sadly, I don’t seem to do this enough, but if I make it a point come out from behind the lens on Mothers Day, I’ll have these years memorialized.

There are three main exhibit spaces, including an Automobile Gallery, American Art & Carasoul Gallery, and a rotating exhibit space.  It’s a treat to see something new each time but also revisit some of our favorites as well.  We enjoyed the Norman Rockwell exhibit last year and the Wicked Plants was a treat this past weekend.  My kids think all things deadly are fascinating.

Hands-on fun

Surely the highlight for me and my kids, is Hidden Hollow.  We could easily spend a whole afternoon here, exploring and creating. This area is a hands-on space for families.  It’s beautiful carvings and topography are really inviting.  There are benches to sit and watch your children in their element.  Be sure to bring your imagination. You can create art and music, dig in the sand, experiment with water, and of course, climb up into the tree house.  The kids can also dress up as insects/animals or use puppets to put on a stage show. It’s a treat to be in such a relaxing atmosphere where you know your children are safe and not only having fun, but learning too.

If you are able to visit regularly, check out their monthly activities. They also offer some special events for the holidays.  In October, they offer a Halloween Family Fun event with a dance party and crafts. They also offer a tractor ride which is a fall favorite for many. Also, the Garden’s Aglow is a great winter event with local dance and music performances for the holidays. They offer special holiday crafts and the gardens are lit up with lights. Our family was able to visit this last year.  It was magical at night.

Mother's Day

They are currently renovating the carousal but it’s set to reopen this summer. That part of the visit is a family-favorite for sure.  We will certainly visit again when the carousal is reopened and we’ll be sure to ride it several times. If we lived just a bit closer, we would certainly become members and visit often. This is a must do and guaranteed family fun!

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