Snow? More Snow?!? 6 Reasons to Savor More Snow in the Forecast

By: Martianne Stanger 

As I write this, the first day of spring is about to arrive with…. snow!

Yes, snow!

More snow.

And, for many, groans.

But, not for me.

Here, we’ve just been struck with the belly bug and as it makes its way out of our home, I am actually happy that we’ll be getting some more of the white stuff. Without a doubt, snow has a way of helping speed recovery around here. Indeed, I find there is little better for healing up than rest bracketed by a bit of fresh air. And, between shoveling, play and walks, snow always beckons us to get outside.

Snow, for us, has been less of a problem this year, but rather a panacea.

Seriously. It’s often acted as a cure all- as you’ll see below:

Kids a bit stir crazy?

Simply open the door and let them lead.

Sure you might end up thigh-deep in snow, but, oh the smiles you’ll see during your adventure.

nsow smiles
I learned this well one Sunday when my two youngest led me through our wetlands and into a neighbor’s woods.

Headache got you grumpy?

One had me feeling less than best the other day. But, eventually, instead of bemoaning it, I finally got out of my own way and invited my four year old to go for a walk down our street.

snow streams

His delight at simple things, like being able to traipse over melting snowbanks, finding “rivers” through “caves” (streamlets of melting ice running through edges of melting snow) and follow snow streams to drains did wonders for my outlook, if not for my head.

Need inspiration?

It appeared we did the other night when a beautiful sunset and hail encouraged my kiddos and I to step outside to exchange the air in our lungs and – surprise of surprises – resulted in my oldest breaking out in a spontaneous prayer of thanksgiving for the beauty of nature.


I have had my moments of snow-induced inspiration, too.

Got Sensory Needs?

Enjoy a snow-themed story time inside and then meet sensory needs with some snowy sensory diet activities outside.


Want to cuddle with a story?

Enjoy some time exploring a classic snow-themed picture book and then, like the character in it, go for a jaunt in the white stuff.

luke fort


As I said before, my family has had their share of sickness this winter. Yet, sickness does not make us begrudge the winter weather. Sure, I look forward to a traditional sunshine and spring melt coming eventually, but I also relish the snow’s beauty and benefits.

That’s why when the snow started this year, I challenged you to get outside. And, that is why as it persists, I challenge you to do so as well.


Spring time, snow, and smiles.

May the latter be yours no matter what weather this day brings.

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