Summer DIY Projects

By: Kathy Trainor 

tools-569108__180This summer we are looking to redo an old camper. We want to turn it into a play house for the kids. We also want to use it as a learning tool for ourselves to learn to build and repair things. We don’t know how much about home repair, but we figured trying it out on the camper would be a great way to start! We hope it will be a great place to teach our children, as well. DIY projects can be simple or challenging.

Here a few others we would like to try: 

– Find a space to build a garden.
– Paint the swing in colors the kids choose.
– Change door knobs on kitchen cabinetry for a new fancy look.
– Take an old piece of wood and make hooks for storage for back to school items.

What DIY projects do you like to do? Are you planning any DIY projects this summer?

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