To All The Single Mama’s (And Dads!)

By: Jessica Aldred 

I sincerely have no idea how you do it! This past week has been one of the longest of my life. After a minor heart scare I feel like I lost my left arm, my husband. While somewhat present, due to a heart procedure, he’s been unable to assist with so many things that he normally does and I’m exhausted. Top that off with putting the cat through a minor surgery, our daily routines, sports, etc. and I just can’t imagine how one parent families pull it off. Did I mention I was blessed with a terrible head cold/cough as well and a 1 year old’s birthday party coming up this weekend!?

As a mother of three, I have a very scarce social life and little time for hobbies. However, the one thing that I do enjoy is sleep. My husband is usually very gracious as to let me get an extra hour in the morning or sneak a nap in on Sundays, however since his surgery he’s been unable to lift the baby which means, if the baby’s up I’m up. It’s brought a whole new meaning to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Come to find out, the baby doesn’t sleep as much as I do unfortunately.

While I generally carry a fair amount of the child rearing weight, losing that extra help has been truly difficult. Every in and out of a high chair, car, or bath is on me. The trash, often weighing over the 5 lb. lifting limit is also on me, as is the laundry lifting up and down our Colonial stairs and so many other little things you don’t even think about. We’ve done our best to follow the post op rules for the week following his procedure but tomorrow marks day 7, and FREEDOM! Between working, playing nurse, party planning/cooking/cleaning and all the day to day stuff to keep my family in line, I’m spent! I’m ready to hop in the car and run my bazillion errands with no one in tow. I’m ready to say “here, hold the baby” and “can you carry that basket of laundry up the stairs?”

As we celebrate Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, I really feel that single parents deserve something totally extra special. I have no idea how you do it and am totally impressed that so many of you pull it off so effortlessly. Most days I’m a harried mess of a mom, but some of the most poised and patient people I know are single parents. You deserve a major shout out and pat on the back for setting a great example for the rest of us. Please share, how the heck to you do it?

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