Sun Screen…Not a girl thing!

June is Men’s Health Month and to celebrate we asked the husbands of our talented mommy bloggers to submit posts and be featured as guest contributors. Keep checking in throughout the month for additional posts from the Signature Dads.

By : Tom Trainor  (Kathy Trainor’s Husband)

UnknownWhy don’t men put on sunscreen? Why don’t I put on sunscreen? Why is my wife always yelling at me put on sunscreen? The truth is that I am not really sure. I know where it is in the house and in the camper. I know HOW to use it. I know I have to put it on the boys, but for some reason I have to be told to do it.  Then when I do it is only on neck, face, and arms.   It’s not evil, but it is a pain. It’s boring and time consuming, but necessary. 

I know it is necessary so I don’t develop skin cancer. I recently read a stat that more men get skin cancer than woman. I first said, “DUH, because we don’t use it, or we “forget.” Then I thought, “well yes, that is rather scary. My wife has had her own cancer scare so why am I not scared of this. I think for most men it is about the “not me” factor and we try to justify it with excuses like, “It won’t happen to me, I work a lot so I am not outside that much, I am only mowing the lawn it won’t matter, etc.”

My wife asked me what would make it easier to use sun screen?   I thought if it was in my soap or shaving cream, but since I wash those items off that wouldn’t work. Perhaps sun protectant clothing? No, because it doesn’t cover all areas. The truth is there is no easy way out. I just need to suck it up and make it part of my routine. Like when I stop of coffee every morning or brush my teeth 2 times a day. It was a habit I formed I just need to create a new one.   A healthy habit of sun screen.

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