5 Things My Kids Are Good For

June is Men’s Health Month and to celebrate we asked the husbands of our talented mommy bloggers to submit posts and be featured as guest contributors. Keep checking in throughout the month for additional posts from the Signature Dads.


By: Kevin O’Neill – Heather O’Neill’s Husband

So the wifey forwarded me an email from the Signature Health group, which she has written a moms blog for in the past. The email was asking the husbands to write a dads blog of sorts. I was extremely excited about this. I was so excited in fact, that I opened the email and read the first 2 sentences. I then proceeded to stop reading and ignore the email for about 10 days. During this 10 day ignoring period, the wifey proceeded to ask my thoughts on this about 18 times. Being the brilliant husband that I am, I got the hint on the 18th time. (That’s actually pretty good for me.)

It seems that when I am reading articles, blog posts, etc., that writers love lists. Apparently I am now a writer, so I will jump on the list bandwagon.

Top 5 Things My Kids Do:

  1. Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.06.37 PMThey make me laugh. They also make me yell and increase my stress levels, but they definitely make me laugh. They are funny. Just yesterday Jackson, my 4 year old, comes running in and wants to show me his new dance move. He puts music on the iPad and proceeds to “shake his booty” in the slowest and creepiest of fashions. He was so excited by this and it cracked me up. Last night at dinner Jameson, my 7 year old, farts so loud that I thought the clock was going to fall off the wall. To quote my wife, “Farts are always funny.” #ThatMayBeAMisquote
  1. They have short memories. This is a double-edged sword. I frequently lose my mind when I have to tell them 34 times at dinner to lean over their plate. The good thing is when I do get upset, they seem to quickly forget and are right back to being my best buds again. I am still feeling awful for getting mad at them, and they have bounced back and are ready to move on. That is refreshing.
  1. They can get me a beer out of the fridge. Everyone talks about the great milestones of having kids potty trained or dressing themselves. Overrated. The day your son first successfully gets a beer from the fridge without dropping or shaking it, is a single tear down the cheek type of moment. I have no idea how I will contain my emotions when they can both operate a bottle opener, or better yet serve whiskey on the rocks.
  1. They care. When I come home from work they always ask me how my day was. If I am not feeling well, they always ask me if I am feeling better. For all the times they may aggravate me with their behavior, they are 2 very caring human beings. Ask anyone and they will tell you, “The boys definitely get that from their father.” #ThatMayBeAnotherMisquote
  1. They look just like me. No need to go on Springer, because these guys are mine. This is nice for a few reasons. The world definitely needs more big, bald, and ruggedly handsome men. We are certainly lacking in numbers. Plenty of pretenders, but very few contenders. Its also nice to have a couple Mini Me’s running around so I can dress them like me, jus like Mr T and Arnold did.

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