Spring has arrived!

By: Martianne Stanger 

Spring has arrived and so has the glorious sun! Don’t you just love it? I do!

I love how it warms body and soul. I also love how it beckons us all to head outside to bask and enjoy.

Indeed, since spring arrived, our family has been relishing simple times outside. Perhaps, yours has, too. If not, might I encourage you to do so?

Linger outside and soak up some Vitamin D. While you do, enjoy some timeless pleasures:

Fashion Dandelion Crowns!

Image Credit: Training Happy Hearts

What child does not delight in nature crafts?  If you’ve never made a dandelion crown with the children in your life, now is the perfect time to do so.  This smiley girl can show you how.

Float a Boat

Image Credit:  Training Happy Hearts

Take paper, recyclables, found items from nature, add a bit of imagination and any body of water and you’ve got the making of an idyllic childhood pleasure.  You’ve also got a sensory-smart activity that is so worthwhile!

Make a Mini-Garden

Image Credit: Training Happy Hearts

No time to till, plant or care for a full-size garden?  That’s no excuse not to green even the youngest of thumbs.  A small pot, some soil, some seedlings and a few decorations can make for a fun activity that will keep growing all season long.  We recently made some mini-Mary gardens which could inspire some fabulous edible fairy gardens, too!

Create Rock Art

Image Credit: Training Happy Hearts

Got rocks?  Got crafty kids?  Got Sharpies (or paint, or crayons or just about anything that can add color to a hard surface)?  Set imaginations free by making rock art!  These can be used to decorate your mini-gardens, to mark plants in larger gardens, to gift to others, or even as prayer rocks as my little girl likes to use them.  They can also be a simple way to enjoy time outside in the sunshine!

Just Step Outside

Image Credit: Training Happy Hearts

Or, simply step outside with nothing in mind and see what unfolds.  Climbing trees.  Literally stopping to smell the flowers.  Inspecting insects.  Walking trails…  So many opportunities to recharge as you soak up sun await!

How will you savor the sunshine this springtime? 

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