Burnt End Cornbread Pie – RECIPE

By: Kathy Trainor

I love brisket and burnt end are the best part, I feel. Real burnt ends are the crusty parts that you end up with after you slice a brisket. It turns out, if you over-cook a brisket, like I did, you have lots of burnt pieces

And thus, Burnt End Cornbread pie…

This one features chopped burnt ends from the point, along with fire roasted Hatch medium and mild chiles, red bell pepper, onion, and fresh local bi-color sweet corn that was added uncooked just before I poured the Jiffy Corn muffin batter. Disclaimer: lots of fresh Texas chile powder was hurt in the making of this pie. 

After removal from the oven, I melted some unsalted butter over the top

The brisket was so tender, the hard bits had softened and worked into the gravy, which you can see are dark, rich and shiny.

I hope you enjoy!


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