Ten Steps To Start Blogging

By: Kathy Trainor

So often, I am asked how did I start blogging. Just today a girl at work asked me. I’ve never really thought about how I started blogging because I started so long ago.

I had to think back. I broke it down into 10 simple steps.

Ten steps to start blogging:start-blogging

1. Choose your blog name

2. Register

3. Install your blog theme (websites help you to do this)

4. Customize your blog design (they have great how-to’s)

5. Select the social media platforms you want to use

6. Make sure the social media platforms match the title of your blog

7. Write your first blog post

8. Publish and promote your blog (share with friends and family)

9.  Repeat

1o. Have FUN! Do what you love and love what you do

This may seem easy; but often to start blogging, the biggest challenges are not the writing. Often when starting blogging, people struggle picking a blog name and making sure the blog social media platforms match.

An example is:   








You get the idea how all the endings for my social media is /myblogname. It may sound silly, but when people want to start blogging the biggest mistake they make is not looking professional.

For me, when I wanted to start blogging, I just wanted get my thoughts and words down. I wanted a place to talk about things I liked, things I didn’t like and things that happened around me.

There is no WRONG way to start blogging.

I do suggest starting with FREE sites so that you can pick your theme and make it custom.  Blogging is about starting for you and your ideas. 


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