The Day I Threw Away My Pads!

By: Kathy Trainor

I had a hysterectomy for medical reasons on March 17, 2016. A surgery like this comes with a great deal of emotional turmoil. For most women, the uterus is something they feel defines them as a woman, much as their breast do; we know it doesn’t but it feels that way at times. The periods that go along with the uterus are rather annoying but you learn to accept and often love them at times.ever-since-the-hysterectomy-i-walk-down-the-tampon-aisle-and-just-laaauuugghhhh-0825f

I knew I would no longer have a period after my surgery. My first thought was YAY ~ Happy Dance. Then, as the day approached, things changed. I remember thinking :

I won’t have to buy pads or tampons anymore. That is kind of cool and odd at the same time.

I won’t need to worry about swimming and what could happen in the summer. That was really awesome.

I won’t have any more children. Though this was a thing we knew we were ok with.

No more cramps. That is a win-win!

Although there was something about having a period that reminded me that it’s a normal cycle of life.

I had my surgery and things went wonderful. I am healthy and really feel a sense of liberation from the monthly friend that visits. Yet, I still felt a void. My period had been with me for almost 20 years – never really one that I enjoyed but I always had a sense of womanly respect for her goals in life.

It was about 3 weeks after surgery, and my husband saw the pads under the bathroom sink and asked me, “Hun, don’t you think you can throw your pads out now?”

I sat back and thought about it and replied, “YES, I can, but I am not ready.”

He just walked off and didn’t say anything. I started to think: Why do I still have these?  I don’t need them. I really never wanted them. Why can’t I just throw them out?

I closed the sink doors and walked away. I just was not ready yet.

Almost 9 weeks after my surgery, I was ready. I had been at a work function the night before with a group of women who knew I had my surgery. They used the word liberating a great deal. They were right. I was liberated. I was also thankful for the time I had with my period and the pads that were that security blanket for me during this time of transition.

Today, I threw out my pads. Today, I am uterus free and healthy. But I am also giggling as I do this saying “YAY~ Happy Dance.”

If you had a hysterectomy, when did you toss your pads? 

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