Where Has the Time Gone!!!

By: Carolyn ColemanPicture1.png


I am really starting to wonder “where has the time gone?” My son just started his senior year of high school; he’s a student athlete, so he just signed his “National Letter of Intent” to play college basketball.

As parents, we pride ourselves on getting our kids ready for college and to soar on their own. And then reality sets in. I am asking myself if I am ready for this emotional toll on my life. While I think we have been preparing him for quite some time for next chapter of his life, I know now that I was the one who needed to be prepared for this step in his life. I now have to “put my need to be needed behind his need to find his own way.”

You ask yourself many questions:

“When do I teach him how to do laundry?”

“How soon do I go to the town he will be attending college, to find the 24 hour pharmacy, a dentist, a doctor.”

I need to control the worry, remember not to call too much, prepare myself for the random phone calls, and the quick hang-ups.

I am thankful to have such a great kid; he’s always been an honor roll student, a well-liked kid by teammates and coaches.

As I think of his growth/maturity over the last few months, I look at how he appreciates working out with his Dad—my husband played college basketball, as did my older sons, so I knew that one day I would be preparing myself for another go at college basketball.

As we embark on this journey, I will continue to blog. I am hoping this will help me to appreciate this chapter of his life.



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