Happy Summer!

By: Deirdre Littlefield

The sun is finally out and summer is on its way. Our schedule is beginning to clear of all the activities that enrich their daily lives—from soccer, to hockey, to music, to lacrosse. I love to watch my sons socialize and learn how their bodies work and to see which talents come naturally. I believe in the value of structure and the gifts they receive from it.


Summertime brings its own values though, we slow down and play board games while listening to each other’s stories. We enjoy our local pond daily and my kids make friends naturally—instead of the manufactured sports friends or classmates. They get to meet kids of all types and run free. They fish, swim, and play manhunt with girls and boys of all ages. There is no schedule to run home for.

My sons have time for forts and sleepovers in each other’s rooms. They have time to torture each other, ride bikes, and make music all in the same day. We get to have ice cream for dinner.


What is your family looking forward to this summer?

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