Why All the Fuss About Breastfeeding?

By: Keith Merlin, MD, Chief, Department of OBGYN



There is a big push lately to strongly encourage mothers to breastfeed. Recent evidencebased studies have shown there are many benefits for breastfeeding for both mother and baby.

The most important reason is pretty obvious to most people – breast milk is the best nutrition for newborns. Believe it or not, the mother burns more calories to make breast milk than even to grow the fetus during pregnancy! So if you nurse, it will be that much easier to take off those extra pounds.

Nursing moms have lower rates of diabetes and obesity, and nursing lowers your risk of developing breast cancer. In addition, these benefits are passed onto your baby; children who are breastfed also have lower rates of obesity and diabetes and fewer infections. Plus, breast milk is free and there are no bottles you need to clean and prepare.

So, please strongly consider breastfeeding you newborn – it is the best choice for you and your newborn.




To learn more about Dr. Merlin or request an appointment, visit http://bit.ly/2p22uyu.

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