By: Tanvi Maharaja


The human foot is made of 33 joints. It is supremely adaptable to various terrains and is designed to provide mobility with stability. The number of different positions it can move into, the different muscles it uses, the ligamentous and capsular support it has been endowed with are actually pretty mind-boggling. I think of the human foot as the anatomical synonym of resilience.

feet young girl athlete gymnast on balance beam

Psychology  defines resilience as that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back at least as strong as before. I cannot think of a quality that defines womanhood better. After centuries of subjugation and deprivation of basic human rights, women today stand at the threshold of a remarkable revolution. Women today stand as the living epitome of resilience!

This is as true of individual women I know, and indeed, for womankind in general.

Resilience is you lady, as you burn the midnight oil to achieve your dreams of graduating despite all odds.

Resilience is you beautiful, as you combat biological diseases that the world knows nothing about yet is quick to talk about your body.

Resilience is you my love, as you juggle being a mom, wife, and working woman, and still manage to get done with the day’s to-do list.

Resilience is you my friend, as you care for your kids (infant or adult), finish your groceries, your dishes, your laundry.

Resilience is you sweetheart, as you drive the kids around to their soccer games, dance recitals, and karate classes.

Resilience is you gorgeous, as you stand your ground in a male-dominated corporate world and fight for equal pay.

Resilience is you honey, as you defy prejudice and laugh in the face of mansplaining.

Resilience is you my friend, as you stand by your decision to take a break from work to raise your children.

Resilience is you mommy, as you care for the little ones around you, and protect them from domestic abuse, societal vice, and school bullying.

Resilience is you mommy, aunt, grandma, as you care to learn the nuances of technology to keep in touch with your family and to make sure the kids stay safe.

Resilience is you my girlfriend, as you listen to my daily battles and support me through thick and thin.

Resilience is you girl, as you fight abuse at work, at home, and embrace #metoo

Resilience is you kiddo, as you take on the mantle of a mom and a daughter, and care for your kid and your parents under the same roof.

Resilience is you woman, who is a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a foster parent, a partner, a career woman, a caregiver… a person, with her own scars and trauma, with her own battle wounds and nightmares, her own dreams and hopes, her longing for a better life for her family and loved ones. Look how far you have come, how strong you have become!

Hey mom! Resilience is YOU!!



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