Lost Can Be Found

By: Kathleen Blandin


With Spring here, many of us start to put our minds in Spring Cleaning mode; we think about what has to be done, what we need to dig out from years prior and what things that we own that we hope we can find.

Eight years ago, shortly after meeting my now fiancé in 2011, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup Championship against the Vancouver Canucks. For those that do not know hockey well there is strong rivalry between the two teams which made the last game and final win even more of a brag worthy spectacle. With this great accomplishment and Boston pride reaming through everyone’s veins, I decided to buy a ring that acknowledged this great feat for my super fan of a man. Specially ordered, secretly engraved inside with his name and mighty show-off worthy I was ecstatic to give the best surprise present ever.

After about a month of wear, my stubborn man never let that ring leave his finger. No matter what he did—it stayed.


While on the Cape for a weekend and out on a private beach digging in the shallow rocky water for quahogs (hard clams), my lovely man comes back with a feat to eat. Proudly he raises his finds to show them off and to everyone’s surprise—especially his—everyone is speechless. No one realizes but him in that moment that his prized procession is no longer on his finger. The sacred ring of cherish and brag is gone. Frantically, he tries to recollect his thoughts and rushes to the bathroom to check every pocket on him, to no avail.

With every search done by himself, family and friends—the ring was never found.

Eight years later, my future grandfather-in-law was watching a local station and a scene about this amazing guy that found a couples long lost ring with metal detectors was featured. It was a sign, the thought of never having to hear his grandsons aching story of heartache and finding the long lost cherished ring was possibly a reality! He had to give it a shot didn’t he?

After reaching out through a website called TheRingFinders.com, Luke Berube replied back and said he would happily come to take a look at the local private beach where the ring was thought to have been lost.

Once the date and time was set, everyone waited patiently for this search to ensue.

Luke showed up with a smile, waders and his metal detector in hand. After being told the story of how the ring was lost and where it could be, he did not hesitate and the optimism was bright.

Less than a half hour of talking and detecting, the far away silhouettes started to emerge from the shallows. Their walks were proud and brisk in the March breeze, as they approached closer a grin ear to ear was seen on their faces. The rest of us that waited patiently eagerly rushed to the back door to greet them.

Success was made! The ring was found! The location was nearly pinpoint of where the quahog adventure had taken place in the rocky shallow those many years ago.

Shock, disbelief, relief and most importantly AWE at the swift craftsmanship and knowledgeable behind the mind and device that found the families 8 year hidden treasure had been found. The stories of the greatest loss can be no more, the great find has come upon us all! The new tale of resurrection can be rung out for years to come about a man with modern technology that helped beep boop beep beep the family’s way to victory and pride!

If one has lost something, TheRingFinder.com website may be the place for you to go. Locally, Luke Berube does his searches around the Cape area but will travel off of the Cape area as well.

His work is done on a gift/reward basis and never truly charges unless diving has to be done. With 12 years of detecting under his belt and his advanced open water certified diver ability, this boat captain most certainly is your man for your lost local treasures!


If you are interested in reaching out to Luke Berube, you can find him at Luke.Berube@TheRingFinders.com

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