I Lost My Mom

By: Kathleen Blandin   It’s inevitable. Parents die someday, somehow and in someway and you know this growing up; you’ve pondered the painful thought, but then you abruptly tuck those thoughts away saying, “but that’s not something to think about right now.” You shake your head, you change channels in your mind to something more … More I Lost My Mom

Facing Fears

By: Kathleen Blandin When you are afraid of something, unless you face it head on—the fear of the unknown manifests into much bigger and frightening possibilities that can keep you from a bigger and brighter reality. As for me, I had a fear of flying. I am not saying that being up miles in the … More Facing Fears

4 Spooky Edible Crafts to Ring in the Halloween Spirit

By: Kathleen Blandin With Halloween approaching, you may be curious about how to get your little one into the spooky holiday spirit while shielding them from the scarier Halloween things. A simple way to get spooky is to combine things they already love: crafting and food! Show them a little bit of spook doesn’t have … More 4 Spooky Edible Crafts to Ring in the Halloween Spirit