Family First

By: Deirdre Littlefield

We all know that family matters; but when your kids are grown that is when you really begin to understand it. Our oldest flew home for Easter weekend and our home became alive again with excitement. We still have two young boys at home but adding that third just completes us. It adds to the noise, the chaos, and of course the food shopping; but mostly it adds to our contentment. It seems there’s always somebody available to have a chat, a laugh or simply take a ride. It’s just nice so nice to be together, the details never seem to matter anymore.


It’s always been easy to get lost in the nonsense. We also have so much to distract us now, it’s hard to stay focused and keep order within our homes. Our jobs take over with constant access, our kids schedules fill the calendar, and priorities lose their place. It is easy to forget why we’re doing this all and what is right in front of us – real people who need our time, attention, and understanding. It takes spontaneity and free time to listen and really hear them. The quiet builds trust so our family can share with one another, the good, the bad ,and everything in between. That intimate space is what bonds us forever.

I am so thankful for our family and the time we get together. The people who live here are those who really count and our daily choices of prioritization will be everlasting. The outside surely adds its lessons, it’s fun, and experience to grow; but it’s what happens inside of my home that matters and that I will tend to.


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