The Power of We

By: Tanvi Maharaja

This thought has been brewing in my head for a while now.
We visited DC last week and came across the famous Rosie the Riveter image in various forms of merchandise. Unknown
To think that it took a world war for the world to realize the potential of women.
Yes. It took a freaking, raging world war for the world to allow women the opportunity to showcase their strength.
To prove that women can do a man’s job, in a man’s world, with a man’s tool, and arguably do it darn better than men. 
And while they were doing this, they were also nurturing kids, running the house, and supporting the troops.
And then earlier this month, a team led by a woman discovered the black hole. Yes, the Black Hole ladies and gentlemen. The one Stephen Hawking talked about. The one Einstein dreamed about.
Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Susan B. Anthony, Marie Stopes, Amelia Earhart, Margaret Hamilton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and now Katie Bouman…the list goes on. 
Why are we not talking more about these women? Where are their voices lost? It is our job ladies, to make sure that these voices are heard, loud and clear, around the world. Because not long ago, we had no voice at all. Our voice is a gift to us won by these brave pioneers. Without their work and courage, we would still be unheard and unseen, without rights, without a say. 
Going off on a tangent, Game of Thrones spoiler ahead:spoiler-alert-grunge-rubber-stamp-vector-18730828
Lady Brienne of Tarth was knighted by men. Only men could knight during those days, but why did none of the other women ever voice their appreciation for this brave warrior? Why was her strength, her loyalty, her integrity not deemed worthy of praise and reward by the other women around her? Why did they not see that she was a trailblazer carving a path that could potentially break the glass ceiling?
It is beautiful to watch women appreciate and boost the females around them. Look around you ladies. See how every woman around you has overcome major life obstacles to do what they are doing. Even in today’s world, it takes a lot more for a woman to be able to go about their lives, survive, come to work… let alone rise among the ranks, than it does for men. We are still fighting for equal pay. We have to stand up for ourselves, support each other, be a sisterhood.
There are many more frontiers to conquer. Countless women over the world still suffer from the slights we have overcome, millions still find their voice stifled by social and cultural restrictions. Set the trail ablaze with your roaring support of fellow women. Inspire the gluttony for progress, for justice. 
A huge shoutout to all the ladies around me. You symbolize the power of womanhood, the struggles of women past, the battle wounds they endured so you could get to work, earn, vote, voice your opinion, defend your honor, and be counted. 
Go support your friend, your neighbor, your sister, your co-worker today. Show them some love.
Celebrate women’s stature in society today, remember what it cost, aspire for nothing less than equality on all fronts.
Be the patron of your kind.
Be the reason for a sister’s smile.

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