Don’t Be Afraid of New Beginnings

By: Kathleen Blandin


Change is something many people struggle with. You are engulfing yourself into the unknown and that anxiety can take our well-being for a spin.

When trying something new or debating on a life choice change, realize that anything that happens is in your control. If it doesn’t work out, then it wasn’t meant to be—but at least you can look back and say I had the courage to embrace change versus the burden of the forever “what if” thoughts.

Choosing your path in life is never a clear black and white textbook direction. Life itself is an adventure to be explored and full of uncertainty that you must embrace. Just remember that you can always step back and weigh your pros and cons to a situation, you can’t however go back in time for a redo on something that you missed out on.

Some helpful coping ideas for your future feat are listed below to give you inspiration and strength through your journey.

Think in a positive manner

If you are having trouble deciding on the best option. Look at the situation realistically and not focus too much on what you will be losing but what you could be gaining. You may find that the alternative may be the better scenario and all around better in more ways than you originally thought.



If you are looking at different choices in a certain point in your life, then it could be your subconscious telling you something you are not realizing. If a change is something that you are considering, then there is an underlying reason why you are even looking for a new option in your life. Realization that there is a purpose behind these thoughts of change can really put in perspective the situation at hand.


Cons may not be that bad

When thinking of all the negative aspects in your potential decision, think thoroughly about what is truly negative and what you are being resistant about in the choice of change. Not wanting to embrace change and realizing a serious con to a scenario are two separate entities that should be identified and clarified in your mind before a decision is made.


When all is sorted, just know no matter the choice, the choice was yours and yours alone. Take pride in the path you lead and know that no matter what you never gave up on what is best for you.


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